Amiga 600 Restoration & Upgrades

I’ve been slowly but surely branching out into Amigas from Commodore’s 8-bit range of computers, and as such I recently got my hands on my first Commodore Amiga 600. The A600 is a 16-bit computer from the 1990s, and is effectively just a condensed version of the A500 with an onboard IDE and PCMCIA interface.Continue reading “Amiga 600 Restoration & Upgrades”

“Trash-Picked” Technika 15.4″ LCD TV Repair

In preparation for my shed (slash new workshop) being finished, I wanted to get my hands on a small LCD TV for testing my machines whilst I’m working on them, which I could mount in the upper corner of one of the back walls. Annoyingly, most current LCD TVs on the market start at 19″,Continue reading ““Trash-Picked” Technika 15.4″ LCD TV Repair”