Welcome to my website.

My name is Adam Wilson. I’m an embedded electronics engineer by trade, and for the past few years I’ve been collecting, repairing, and restoring vintage computers in my spare time.

I’ve finally got around to creating my own website, in order to document all of my repairs and restorations in an accessible fashion for anyone who may be interested.

Latest from the Blog

My 1982 Acorn Atom

I recently obtained my first Acorn Atom, another 1980s 8-bit computer to add to my collection. The machine was in very good, tested condition and came with several tasteful (and reversible) modifications to improve reliability and usability. The Acorn Atom was produced by Acorn Computers Ltd from 1980 to 1982, when it was replaced by the BBC Micro. The AtomContinue reading “My 1982 Acorn Atom”

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