Welcome to my website.

My name is Adam Wilson. I’m an embedded electronics engineer by trade, and for the past few years I’ve been collecting, repairing, and restoring vintage computers in my spare time.

I’ve finally got around to creating my own website, in order to document all of my repairs and restorations in an accessible fashion for anyone who may be interested.

Latest from the Blog

1988 Apple 20SC External HDD Repair & Restoration

I recently got my hands on a 1986 Apple Macintosh Plus 1MB, which came with a 1988 Apple 20SC external 20MB SCSI HDD, both in unknown condition. The Apple Hard Disk 20SC (not to be confused with the Apple Macintosh Hard Disk 20) was Apple’s first SCSI based hard drive for the Apple II family…

Making & Using BlueSCSI SD Card Adapters for Vintage Apple Macintosh Computers

I recently picked up my first compact Apple Macintoshes, a 1991 Mac Classic and a 1992 Mac Classic II, both of which were in good condition but needed repair and refurbishment. Aside from the classic issues of leaky electrolytic capacitors and exploding PRAM batteries, compact Macintoshes often have old-school 40MB/80MB Quantum SCSI 3.5″ mechanical hard…

1956 Philips 353A Bakelite Vacuum Tube Radio Repair & Restoration

A few months ago I bought my first ever vacuum tube radio, a 1956 Philips 353A bakelite AM/FM set, which is (currently) the oldest item in my collection. I’ve been wanting to get into vintage radio restoration for some time now (after watching YouTube channels such as the excellent Mr Carlson’s Lab), as I find the…

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