Welcome to my Dragon collection.

This page is a repository for all of the Dragon systems, peripherals, and accessories in my collection – it’s currently a work-in-progress, and I’ll continue to add things as and when I have the time.

Dragon 32

TypeHome computer
Release dateAugust 1982
DiscontinuedJuly 1987
Operating systemMicrosoft Extended BASIC
CPUMotorola 6809E @ 0.89 MHz
Memory32 KB

The Dragon 32 is a 1980s 8-bit home computer, which was produced for the European market by Dragon Data, Ltd. – initially in Swansea, Wales, before moving to Port Talbot, Wales (until 1984) – and by Eurohard S.A. in Casar de Cáceres, Spain (from 1984 to 1987), and for the US market by Tano of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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