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Welcome to my Apple collection.

This page is a repository for all of the Apple systems, peripherals, and accessories in my collection – it’s currently a work-in-progress, and I’ll continue to add things as and when I have the time.

Apple Macintosh Plus 1MB

TypeHome computer
Release dateJanuary 1986
DiscontinuedOctober 1990
Operating systemSystem 6.0.8
CPUMotorola 68000 @ 7.8 MHz
Memory1 MB (4 MB max.)

The Macintosh Plus was a personal computer designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. It was the third model in the Macintosh line, introduced on January 16 1986, two years after the original Macintosh and a little more than a year after the Macintosh 512K, with a price tag of $2599. As an evolutionary improvement over the 512K, it introduced RAM expansion from 1 MB to 4 MB, and the SCSI peripheral bus, among other smaller improvements.

Apple 20SC External HDD

TypeComputer Peripheral
Release dateSeptember 1986
DiscontinuedFebruary 1988
Operating systemN/A

The Apple Hard Disk 20SC (not to be confused with the Apple Macintosh Hard Disk 20) was Apple’s first SCSI based hard drive for the Apple II family as well as the Macintosh and other third party computers using an industry standard SCSI interface. The drive allowed considerably faster data transfer rates (up to 1.25 megabytes per second) over its much slower predecessors, the Hard Disk 20 (500 Kilobits per second) and ProFile (which could only be used with the Macintosh XL).

Apple Macintosh Classic

TypeHome computer
Release dateOctober 1990
DiscontinuedSeptember 1992
Operating systemSystem 6.0.3
CPUMotorola 68000 @ 8 MHz
Memory1 MB (4 MB max.)

The Macintosh Classic was a personal computer designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. It was the first Macintosh to sell for less than $1,000. Production of the Classic was prompted by the success of the original Macintosh (128k), then the Macintosh Plus, and finally the Macintosh SE. The specification of the Classic is similar to its predecessors, with the same 9-inch monochrome CRT display and 4 MB memory limit.

Apple Macintosh Classic II

TypeHome computer
Release dateOctober 1991
DiscontinuedOctober 1993
Operating systemSystem 7.6.1
CPUMotorola 68030 @ 16 MHz
Memory2 MB (10 MB max.)

The Macintosh Classic II (also sold as the Performa 200) is a personal computer designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. Like the Macintosh SE/30, the Classic II featured a 16 MHz Motorola 68030 CPU and 40 or 80 MB HDD, but in contrast to the SE/30, it was limited by a 16-bit data bus (the SE/30 had a 32-bit data bus) and a 10 MB memory ceiling. The slower data bus resulted in the Classic II being 30% slower than the SE/30.

Apple Macintosh LC III

TypeHome computer
Release dateFebruary 1993
DiscontinuedFebruary 1994
Operating systemSystem 7.1
CPUMotorola 68030 @ 25 MHz
Memory4 MB (36 MB max.)

The Macintosh LC III is a personal computer designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Computer. It replaced the successful Macintosh LC II in Apple’s line-up of mid-class computers, and was both significantly faster and significantly less expensive. The LC III was sold primarily to educational institutions, and a corresponding Performa variant called the Performa 450 was sold to the consumer market.

Apple Multiple Scan 15 CRT Monitor

TypeComputer display
Release dateJuly 1994
DiscontinuedDecember 1996
Operating systemN/A

The Apple Multiple Scan 15 Display is a 13.3″ shadow mask CRT that was manufactured by Apple Inc. from July 18, 1994, until September 14, 1996. This monitor has built-in speakers that can be connected to a computer via a male 1⁄8″ stereo TRS cable, and there is also a headphone jack. The video cable uses a standard Macintosh DA-15 video connector and the maximum resolution is 1024×768.

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