Acorn AKF-17 CRT Monitor Restoration

I recently acquired a 1980s Acorn Archimedes A3000 32-bit computer for my collection (which I successfully restored in another article), which came with a matching Acorn AKF-17 CRT monitor. Both were in good condition and came with several accessories, but were sold-as-seen with partial testing. The Acorn AKF-17 is a 14″ 15KHz CRT colour monitorContinue reading “Acorn AKF-17 CRT Monitor Restoration”

Commodore 1084S CRT Monitor Restoration

Three years ago, around the time I was first starting to collect vintage computer equipment, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Commodore C128D 8-bit computer and matching 1084S-D2 CRT monitor. According to the previous owner, the monitor seemed to work okay except for a broken power switch, which wouldn’t stay engagedContinue reading “Commodore 1084S CRT Monitor Restoration”

Microvitec CUB 1431-MS CRT Monitor Restoration

I recently won a charity auction for a BBC Model B bundle on eBay (see my original blog post here), which included a Microvitec CUB 1431-MS CRT colour monitor, a common sight in British schools during the 1980s thanks to the BBC’s Computer Literacy Project. The monitor was rather worse for wear: it was coveredContinue reading “Microvitec CUB 1431-MS CRT Monitor Restoration”

My *New* Acorn BBC Model B

I recently won an eBay charity auction for a BBC Model B “Micro”, which came bundled with a Microvitec CUB CRT monitor, an Opus 5802 5.25″ FDD, and some miscellaneous items like joysticks and boxed games. What’s especially interesting about this machine is that it has been signed by Stephen Furber, the principal hardware engineerContinue reading “My *New* Acorn BBC Model B”