Restoring a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k for Charity

This April, I’m raffling off a refurbished ZX Spectrum 48k bundle for charity – I recently bought a boxed Spectrum that would be ideal for this purpose, but obviously for this to be “refurbished”, it required refurbishing. Details of the process are below. I bought the Spectrum as partially tested from a chap in HullContinue reading “Restoring a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k for Charity”

ZX Spectrum 48k Charity Raffle

This year, I am raising money for the Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation to help them continue their “Meaningful Encounters” programme, which my employer supports. The programme focuses on a group of young women (Year 10 students), and aims to help them get started with STEM careers. This is extremely important, as there is still a disproportionatelyContinue reading “ZX Spectrum 48k Charity Raffle”

Upgrading an Acorn BBC Model B

I recently won a charity auction for a BBC Model B bundle on eBay (see my original blog post here, and CRT restoration here). The Model B was a common sight in British schools during the 1980s thanks to the BBC’s Computer Literacy Project. It’s common for certain components in vintage electronics to deteriorate withContinue reading “Upgrading an Acorn BBC Model B”

My *New* Dragon 32

I recently bought a Dragon 32, yet another 1980s 8-bit computer to add to my collection. I’ve owned several in the past but none of these came with a working power supply, which are difficult to replicate, so I’ve been looking forward to putting this one through its paces. The computer was basically new inContinue reading “My *New* Dragon 32”