Commodore C16 Repair, Restoration, & Upgrade

A while back, I bought my first Commodore C16, yet another 1980s 8-bit computer for my collection. The machine was in good condition and came with several accessories as well as its original box, however it was sold as “untested”. The Commodore C16 was one of the Commodore 264 line of 8-bit home computers, whichContinue reading “Commodore C16 Repair, Restoration, & Upgrade”

Commodore C16 Board Repairs

Alongside purchasing complete systems, over the past few years I’ve also accumulated a large quantity of incomplete circuit boards for “spares and repairs”, primarily from Commodore computers (VIC-20, VIC-20CR, C64, C64C, C16, Plus/4, C128, etc). I got these for cheap in various job lots, with the intention of fixing up as many as possible andContinue reading “Commodore C16 Board Repairs”