My first blog post!

My name is Adam Wilson, and this is my first ever blog post, on my first ever website.

I’m an electronics engineer by trade (my job involves developing software, firmware, and hardware for embedded industrial applications), and for the past few years I’ve been collecting, repairing, and restoring vintage computers in my spare time.

This started with a single Commodore 64, which my partner bought me for my 23rd birthday, and has since blown up into an extensive collection of various 8-bit and 16-bit computers, peripherals, and CRT monitors from the 1980s and 1990s.

After a while, I started to accumulate both multiples of items and miscellaneous items that I simply didn’t have space for or interest in. I started selling these on eBay in order to cover the costs of my collection – this became so popular that I started buying items with the intention of restoring them to sell on.

I’m happy to help my fellow enthusiasts by offering my guidance, based on my knowledge and experience – I’ve also offered services such as repairs, tracking down parts, and even full restorations. Whilst all of my work has been documented for my personal use, and often posted about on social media, I wanted to make it more accessible to anyone who is interested – as such, I’ve decided to create this website.

It’s still very much a work in progress, but I’ll be trying my best to complete it piece by piece as and when I get the time to.

Published by themightymadman

My name is Adam Wilson - I'm an electronics engineer based in the North East of England, UK, and I like tinkering with old junk. In my spare time, I collect, repair, refurbish, and (sometimes) sell vintage computer systems and peripherals, typically from the 1980s (the likes of Commodore, Sinclair, Acorn, Apple, Amstrad, and Atari).

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